The Florail Llama Line is a fictional Minecraft railway line in Guildcraft Creative. It is operated by Florail. It runs in a line between Town of Hamiton Airport and Llamapolis City.

Station List

Grayed-out boxes mean that the information provided is not connected to the current line anymore.



Station Name Native Name Transfers Location Distance Note(s)
TBD TBD Florail Llamapolis City
TBD Town of Hamiton Airport Grahamton Railway Town of Hamiton
GC01 Somuyamanomachi ソムヤマノ町 Yamashita Line (YS07), Sakurasenomai Line, Somonai Line (Somonai-Somuyamanomachi), Korimo Line (Korimo-Somuyamanomachi)
GC02 Wekistja ウエコツジャ Wekistja

Former Branch Line

Grayed-out boxes mean that the information provided is not connected to the line before transferring to Florail anymore.

Station Number Station name Native Name Transfers Location Distance Note(s)
City de Glance シチデゲランス Stopped service due to inactivity of mayor. Replaced by bullet train and was transferred.
GCb02 GCb01[1] Town of Hamiton Airport ハミトン町空港 Grahamton Railway

[1] - New station number

Rolling stock


Former (Unoyatoome Transportation)


The line was planned and made on the second quarter of 2018 as Guildcraft Creative Line by Unoyatōme Transportation. It was planned that: The line will be transferred to a railway company which probably could be FloRail after the planned quit of Jovik on Guildcraft Creative on 2018, the founder of the company operating the line which is Unoyatōme Transportation. However, he said that if one of the towns served on the line will no longer be classified as a station of the line, the line will be abandoned.

On December 30, 2018, the rail line was transferred to Grahamton Railway. However on January 5, 2019 it was transferred to Florail.

The name was changed to "The Llama Line", however in its full name, it is "Florail Llama Line".

Former Connecting Lines


  • 2nd Quarter of 2018 - Line opened as Unoyatoome Transportation Guildcraft Creative Line.
  • 3rd Quarter of 2018 - Stopped service on City de Glance.
  • December 30, 2018 - Transferred to Grahamton Railway.
  • January 5, 2019 - Transferred to Florail.

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