Pages in need of making

Most pages to make are in Unoyatōme Transportation. Some can be in existing pages.

  1. Jov's Wiki (Article)
  2. Kotoba Miners
  3. Jov's Wiki: Grammar

Unfinished pages

  1. Unoyatōme Transportation
  2. Unoyatōme
  3. Guildcraft Creative
  4. Wekistja
  5. U'ch
  6. Guildcraft Creative
  7. Makkuro Strategy
  8. Cipher

Short pages/few information

  1. Taka Niko
  2. Communist Party of Unoyatōme
  3. Xcellent Zone
  4. Guildcraft
  5. OtoMAD
  6. Llamas Incorporation
  7. Orthexa
  8. Unoyatōme Transportation Guildcraft Creative line
  9. Unoyatōme Transportation Yamashita line
  10. Unoyatōme Transportation Xcellent line
  11. Frxq15
  12. Guildcraft Annihilation
  13. CobbleForest
  14. Transportation in Minecraft
  15. Isekai Railway Line
  16. Yoshono City
  17. Pima City
  18. Llamapolis City
  19. Yokawa Railway
  20. Utetsu

Other needs

  • Change every Shokunyō that can be found here to Unoyatōme
  • Fix grammar and the way how stuff is written
  • Make templates
  • Fix templates especially Template:Railway Infobox
  • Get pictures
  • seperate unoyatoome transportation into Utetsu, Noribasu, Korimoreru and Udanoden
  • Clean things
  • Throw things to the trash can like templates that will never be in use
  • Link pages on pages
  • Replace the 2nd and 3rd o with an o with a dash on it on the word "Unoyatoome"
  • Apply boldness to all subcategories and below (=== and below) except some, please think if you feel that it shouldn't be bold
  • Recapitalize the words line and station in all pages, I made a mistake DAMMIT
  • Fix U'ch page name (should be u'ch)
  • Fix pages with the template grammar style
  • Promote other wikis
  • Remove the words Unoyatōme Transportation from lines and train serieses. Including pages linking to non-existing ones.
  • add everydamn person asking for them to be added (Guildcraft forums lmao)
  • Are you reading this and will you do something? Thanks.
  • Donate Jovik ¥1 just to get 2 new potatoes and a new fire alarm
  • Donate Jovik ¥444 just to pay his medical bills and go to Dr. IrishBoyy to know more about his potato
  • Donate IrishBoyy $1 to save himself from Jovik asking for a potato repairman
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